Friday, May 14, 2010

Tiny Orbo Replication

Perhaps, this would the simplest form of Steorn motor. This device also should exhibit the exotic phenomena I was describing on Magnetic Flux-Gating article. However, it is too early to jump into FE conclusion yet, which needs more testing and experimentation.

Nothing conclusive is published on the replicator's site, in terms of test data etc.

This is my approximate flux diagram, which enables to understand the similarities to Orbo (rotor version) and also the flux gating and related phenomena.

Tiny Orbo Replication uses single magnet setup, where in orbo it was dual magnet (N - S) setup. So essentially the Toroid core should be vertical (avoiding EMF on coils). Again, its geometry.

There is no magic in magnetic circuits or flux gating. You can have a look at this video to understand somebody else’s attempts on gating flux, isolating primary and secondary in terms of energy.The phenomena is replicable, very visible and easy to understand with known text book physics. There are no anomalies going on with the setup. However, magnetism is not something fully understood by scholars so far (among many other things). Probably Orbo setup (or similar) can lead to that understanding near future.

Perpetual motion holder is one such phenomena, easy to replicate, but without an easy explanation according to known electromagnetism.


  1. A lot more occurs than meets the eye. There is significant magnetic viscosity occurring in the NdFeB magnets. There are MCE related effects caused by ambient thermal energy, where there are noticeable differences in axial forces caused by ambient thermal energy that according to my magnetic theory cause the excess energy effect.

  2. Thanks Paul. I am not tyring to be impolite, but it would be much simpler if you can publish input vs output, in terms of volts and amps, along with a compleate sketch.

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